Protected by a lush canopy of green, our cottage occupies 185 feet of private Atlantic shoreline. 




2 adults and up to 2 children
Pets not permitted
Two bedrooms, one bath
Shore access from private stair
Available May through October
Minimum stay of four nights
Rates vary with seasonal demand


Private oceanfront
Swing & Adirondacks
Stone fire pit
Kayak friendly
Apple TV-Netflix-DVD
Wi-Fi & Amazon Echo


Spectacular sunsets
Long walks and swims
Fresh seafood
Chipmunks & birds
Farmers' markets
Wildflower bouquets


 Cottage History


Frequent visitors to South Harpswell are often surprised to discover the Bober cottage, given the thick shelter of green that makes it invisible from Basin Point Road. The Bober tract is a quirky exception to the tip, which has been owned by the Saxton family since the early 1900s. Jean and Malcom Saxton sold the property in 1975 to their friends Ellin and William Buffum, who built the original cottage and summered there for some twenty years.

Phyllis Pray Bober discovered the Buffum's cottage and purchased it in 1995, adding a dormer to create an upstairs bedroom and expanding the kitchen for her culinary exploits. She

delighted in the chipmunks and red squirrels, and enjoyed swimming in the ocean from early spring to late fall, often to the surprise of working lobstermen.

Phyllis was born in Portland in 1920 and spent her youth exploring Maine's rocky shores. Swimming, clambakes, lobsters, and the ways of being in Maine instilled a lifetime of appreciation.

Phyllis with a thirteen-pound lobster in the 1960s.

As she neared retirement, Phyllis began looking for her ideal retreat along Casco Bay. Her friend Martica Sawin offered a a place for her to stay each summer during her decade-long search for the perfect property. 

Ownership of the cottage passed to Phyllis' two sons upon her death in 2002. She would have adored seeing her grandchildren picking blueberries, hunting sea glass, and swinging for hours under the oaks of her seaside retreat. In 2016, the Bobers began renting the cottage to others drawn to the beauty of the Maine shoreline and who prize its privacy and tranquility.